What is an (ATF) Authorised Treatment Facility?

Assington Autos is an Authorised Treatment Facility

When scrapping your vehicle you will see or hear this term often but what is it and what does it mean?

As stated above an ATF is an authorised treatment centre and to explain further is a scrap yard that follows specific rules and regulations when it comes to dismantling and recycling / disposing of scrap cars. The dismantler / scrap merchant has proven that they follow strict guidelines set out by the Environment Agency (EA). The guidelines set out are as follows.

  • Depollution
    Removal of potentially hazardous materials and substances eg: fuels, oils , break fluids. The individual hazardous components and materials removed during depollution should be kept separate. Clearly, ATFs need to remain vigilant for any other hazardous materials or items that might be encountered in the course of their operations.
  • Certificate of Destruction Responsibilities
    Issuing and generation of certificates of destruction through the DVLa online systems.
  • Material Storage
    How to safely handle and store hazardous materials from vehicles
  • Recycling & Recovery Targets
    ATF’s need to prove they have met these pratices.

When a car is taken to an ATF it is taken through rigorous dismantling processes including depollution. The process usually begins with a (COD) certificate of destruction. The ATF logs in at the DVAL website and produces one. The COD is generated and the vehicle is assumed at the end of its life. The car must then be depolluted a labour intensive process removing:

  • Fuel
  • Batteries
  • Catalytic Converters
  • Oils
  • Fluids
  • Oil Filters
  • Wheels and any lead balancing weights
  • Tyres
  • Parts containing mercury
  • Any explosive materials including airbags

It is the responsibility of the ATF to then meet recycling targets set out by the Environment Agency.

Why use an ATF

It is important to use an authorised facility as

  1. It is illegal to dismantle vehicles for scrap if you are not and the seller can also face fines for using a facility that is not authorised
  2. The people purchasing your vehicle are likely to resell it or sell on to a scrap yard at a profit. Unauthorised people will often haggle with you on arrival of picking up the car and offer cash ( also illegal )