Vote for your Hero


The secret’s out. Suffolk has its very own recycling king with an outstanding habit of helping his local community. This working-class maverick from very humble beginnings, has returned to the Suffolk home of his Great Great Grandfather to create one of the county’s most successful recycling centres. The hero is Frederick Cook, owner of Assington Autos; which was recently awarded the prestigious Suffolk Gold Carbon Charter.

Fred has not only created full-time jobs in Suffolk and generated millions of pounds of tax revenue; Fred has also saved thousands of tonnes of CO2 emissions – thanks to the exceptional efforts at Assington Autos from recycling thousands of End-of-Life-Vehicles. Fred maybe a successful businessman but as a father with two children; he is worried about the impact of undeniable climate change will have on the lives of young people. “There’s too much talk and not enough action,” Fred often says, “We believe we are one of the most sustainability-focused businesses in East Anglia. We were the first in the UK to transfer from noisy 2-stroke petrol engine cutters to Husqvarna Lithium battery powered cutters. We use 8 vehicle transporters, which means less carbon emissions. We aim to plant over 1000 trees on our site, install bat boxes and create hibernaculums. We have our own dedicated Environmental Officer too, to assist us with all environmental issues.”

To manufacture the average car results in approximately 5.6 tonnes of CO² release. Assington Autos harvests approximately 12,000 vehicles each year. The manufacture of those same vehicles comes to approximately: 67,000 tonnes of CO². Assington Autos recycles up to 99% of these vehicles. For example, up to 90% of the ELVs’ engines are sold, (with the majority being exported), thousands of used vehicle parts are sold on eBay, depollution of all vehicles, (with all fuel, oil, anti-freeze, screen wash, brake-fluid and air conditioning gas being recycled).

The mining/manufacture of steel is one of the most ‘high carbon’ materials. Assington Autos recycle yearly 12.5 thousand tonnes of iron (steel). This saves tens of thousands in tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions.

Fred and Assington Autos has a history of providing continued assistance to the local community including:

  • Providing free facilities and vehicles to the Fire Service.
  • Providing funding for the village playground.
  • Sponsoring the village football team.
  • Providing transport for the village scouts’ Father Christmas float.
  • Providing hamper Christmas raffle prizes for the Preschool.
  • Providing raffle prizes for the village fete.
  • Providing free fuel to NHS workers during the fuel crisis; as featured in the press and BBC TV.
  • BBC Suffolk ‘Thank You For Making a Difference’ Award for helping NHS workers.
  • Providing sponsorship towards nesting Peregrine Falcons.
  • Providing food to village foodbanks and Christmas Dinner hampers with ‘all the trimmings’, to village families going through financial hardship
  • Litter picking every few weeks around nearby roads.
  • Bronze Award winner as an Armed Forces employer.

Fred is committed to reducing climate change, helping his local community, and achieving Net Zero by 2040 for his business. Suffolk needs more heroes like Fred.