The Benefits of Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles (EVs) are growing in popularity. By 2040, they will constitute 54% of new car sales globally. As Evs become a fixture of everyday life, there are several benefits for drivers making the switch. From the savings you can make on tax, fuel and maintenance costs to the environmental impact, switching to an EV is highly advisable.

Cost of electric cars

EVs are an excellent long term investment. They offer outstanding value for drivers looking for a cheaper and more sustainable way to get around.  

Similar to petrol and diesel vehicles, the cost of buying EVs depends on several factors: model, make, features and type. So there will be an EV suitable for most budgets! 

Cheaper maintenance

The cost of running EVs is significantly cheaper than petrol or diesel cars. Whilst their initial price may be similar, an EV will be more affordable to maintain over the vehicle’s lifetime. 

Completely electric vehicles are highly efficient. There are generally three main parts fuelling the vehicle; the inverter, on-board charger and motor. This design means there is less wear and tear on the car; with fewer moving parts prone to damage, you’ll rarely have to service your EV, and the repair costs will be low.

You can also save money through government grants and incentives offered for your car, home charging point and even your businesses, as part of their drive to help people and companies embrace and make the switch to EVs. For example, the OZEV plug-in car grant: vehicles with a purchase price of under £35,000 and Co2 emissions of zero g/km whilst driving may be eligible. 

You can also save on Road tax(VED). Entirely electric vehicles are exempt from paying VED, and plug-in hybrids are exempt from paying first-year VED. 

Better for the environment

Fully electric vehicles have no tailpipe emissions, making them cleaner, greener and far better for the environment than traditional petrol or diesel cars. 

A plug-in hybrid combines an electric motor with a small battery. Typically driven in electric mode, plug-in hybrids emit zero tailpipe emissions as their electric range of around 30miles is well within the average UK daily distance driven.

Fewer emissions equal fewer greenhouse gasses, propelling the Uk to a more sustainable future. 

Fast, easy charging

Charging your EV is simple, fast and super cost-efficient. You can place a small, weather resistant home charging unit outside your home, enabling you to charge your electric vehicle by plugging in the charging cable when you’re parked up. A 7kW home charging port will fully charge most EVs in around 5-10 hours. Rapid chargers will speed up the process, charging most eclectic vehicles to approximately 80% in less than an hour.

A quieter, smoother driving experience

Last but not least, EVs are generally quieter than vehicles with a combustion engine, creating a more comfortable, relaxing experience for drivers. Although electric engines are not silent, the whirring sound is minimal.

EVs are generally a smoother drive than traditional petrol and diesel cars. This is because they have fewer moving parts and are automatic, so difficult gear changes are a thing of the past. 

Furthermore, with excellent torque control, EVs have incredibly smooth acceleration. 

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