A little village called Assington was never on his radar, but Frederick Cook would come to find out he had strong ties to the area that have roots that transcend generations. A successful business owner, his Scrap and Recycling company is firmly established in this beautiful area of Suffolk. Yet, he had no clue at all when making the move from London that his family ties were already well established.

Surprise Family Link to Village Inspires Assington Autos Owner

Frederick Cook and the Environment

Mr Cook established Assington Autos in 2017 and his company has gone from strength to strength since then. It continues to provide a high number of jobs in the surrounding areas and focuses on scrapping used vehicles for anyone who needs them in a sustainable, environmentally friendly way. In fact, one of his core goals is to honour the memory of his heritage and support his undeniable roots in Assington by committing to net-zero carbon emissions. He believes “we all need to look after our planet, however big or small” and uses this motivation to inspire not just his own children, but the village and wider local communities as well.

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Community Spirit

However, it’s not just his stance on climate friendly actions that have made him such a success in Assington, it is everything else he brings to the court as well. Assington Autos intends to plant over 1,000 trees and green shrubs on the recycling site and even hopes to move into electric powered vehicle fleets in the near future. There is also talk of installing solar energy throughout the plant to create an environment that supports the earth instead of taking away from it. In such an energy sapping industry niche, this is an amazing thing to hear.

He also supports local businesses and charity ventures by donating to the village and helping out with the local football team. This makes him an all-round community focussed figure and one who has done amazing things for this small cluster of families. A real sense of caring and compassion shines through, and Fred certainly feels as though he has found his true home.

A True Surprise

Fred, one of Assington’s largest employers in 2023, even admitted in his own words “I didn’t know Assington existed.” Though this is nothing to be held against him, it just goes to show how the universe has a funny way of putting people exactly where they need to be. Why? Because his own great-grandparents, William and Charlotte Cook, lived in the village during the Victorian era. William even worked there as a well-thought-of shoemaker, existing as the main boot repairer in the village at the time.

Yet, when William’s son moved away from Assington and into Battersea, the family tie was seemingly lost. That is until Frederick moved into the area, completely unaware of those who came before him. When he unknowingly set up shop, it was only through random chance that he discovered he actually held a place here through his ancestors so long ago. He was “gobsmacked” to have discovered his roots and astounded to find out that this small village in the heart of Suffolk had a major place in his own family history.

Thinking to the Future

He even hopes to continue down the path of discovery and find out if he has any more family ties in the village because he believes there definitely are some. You never know what you might find, and this story proves it. Sometimes, the most random of decisions has a meaning deeper than you could have ever imagined.

Assington has gained a true commitment through Mr. Cook moving here and opening up his auto recycling centre. He is staying put and will only carry on his legacy with his actions and words in the years to come.