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Scrap Your Ford Car

If your Ford car is in a road-worthy condition, you may be able to sell, however if your Ford car is no longer drivable, you might want to consider some options on how to dispose of it.

Sell it and earn money

Here at Assington Autos in Colchester, Essex we offer to buy your old vehicle from you and we will scrap your vehicle and recycle it in an environmentally friendly way. We are a leading Scrap My Car service covering Colchester, Essex and Suffolk.

Donate it

Assington Autos can turn your old Ford car into cash for charity. We will make a donation to a charity of our choice on your behalf so that when you scrap your vehicle you know you are doing good for a worthy charity.

Assington Autos offers a fast, friendly approach and we will collect your vehicle for free.

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  • Ford Model T (1913–1927)
  • Ford Model A (1928–1931)
  • Ford Model B (1932–1935)
  • Ford Model Y (1932–1937)
  • Ford 7Y (1937–1939)
  • Ford V8 (1932–1939)
  • Ford Model C Ten (1935–1937)
  • Ford 7W (1937–1938)
  • Ford Anglia (1939–1967)
  • Ford Prefect (1939–1961)
  • Ford V8 Pilot (1947–1951)
  • Ford Consul (1950–1962)
  • Ford Zephyr (1951–1972)
  • Ford Zodiac (1954–1972)
  • Ford Popular (1953–1962)
  • Ford Escort/Squire (1955–1961)
  • Ford Consul Classic (1961–1963)
  • Ford Consul Capri (1961–1964)
  • Ford Cortina (1962–1982)
  • Ford Corsair (1963–1970)
  • Ford Escort (1968–2000)
  • Ford Capri (1969–1986)
  • Ford Granada (1972–1994)
  • Ford Fiesta (1976–present)
  • Ford Focus (1998–present)
  • Ford Sierra (1982–1994)
  • Ford Mondeo (1992–present)
  • Ford Puma (1997–2002)

Assington Autos LTD

We have vast knowledge and experience in the auto industry, and offer some of the best scrap car prices in the UK, alongside great customer care and support.

  • Scrap Car Collection & Depollution
  • Ferrous & Non-Ferrous

  • Environment Agency & DVLA-Approved
  • Best Prices Paid!
  • Qualified and Certified
  • Safe and Environmentally Friendly

Registered with the Environment Agency

EA Permit No EPR-EB3800UW-T001

Scrap Car Collection

Assington Autos specialise in scrap car collection across Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex. If you have an unwanted or damaged vehicle and need to have it collected call now or use our scrap car valuation form found on this page or our homepage. We will provide an immediate quote and you can choose to accept the online valuation. We will then arrange collection of your vehicle. Scrap car prices are quoted using a vehicle database lookup and takes into account a number of elements to enable us to accurately price your scrap car.

Factors that make a difference to the scrap car value are the following:

  • Weight of vehicle
  • Make & model of vehicle
  • Pick up or delivery

Scrap Car Prices & Car Scrap Value

Be aware of companies that offer high prices only to turn up and offer lower prices on your doorstep. This is a common practice with unlicensed and unscrupulous scrap merchants. Prices for scrap do fluctuate and depend very much on steel production and steel imports into the country. We provide a no obligation quote for your vehicle online, you do not have to accept our valuation but we believe it is a fair and well calculated price.

Cash For Scrap Cars

There is no such thing as cash for your scrap vehicle, if anyone offers this they are breaking the law. 2013 legislation in the UK requires you to be paid for your scrap car with a cheque or an electronic money transfer. This was introduced to prevent thieves from stealing vehicles and then selling them for scrap to get quick cash. Theft of copper was also a reason this was introduced in the UK. This actually had a beneficial effect for the customer increasing the value of your scrap car after security measures were put in place.

How is payment made?

Once you accept our offer the next step is for Assington Autos to collect your car, unless of course you are delivering it to us. We will contact you and arrange a collection date and time. The sellers identification must also be verified for us to be able to collect your vehicle. Usually a photo drivers licence will suffice, or you can use your passport plus a recent utility bill with your address on.

Payment can be made via cheque at the time of handing over your keys or we can arrange an electronic transfer at the handover date and time, whatever you feel more comfortable with. Collecting and paying for your car can happen within hours of you accepting our quote for your vehicle to be scrapped

Who handles the paperwork when scrapping a vehicle?

If you have tax or insurance remaining on the car it is best you handle the paperwork so you get proper refunds. If these elements have been taken care of then we can handle the paperwork for you.

I have lost my paperwork what do I do?

If you do not have a registration certificate you can still contact the DVLA to say it has been scrapped. If you do this make sure you give the full details of the scrap yard / recycling centre that are handling your car and full car details including registration, make, model and date of sale to the scrap yard.

Certificate of Destruction

We will also produce a certificate of destruction only authorised centres are able to provide this. The certificate provides evidence the vehicle has been taken off of the road and scrapped. Without this document you could potentially still be liable for insurance or road tax.

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