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Scrap My Ford Car in Colchester

If your Ford car is in a road-worthy condition, you may be able to sell, however if your Ford car is no longer drivable, you might want to consider some options on how to dispose of it.

Sell it and earn money

Here at Assington Autos in Colchester, Essex we offer to buy your old vehicle from you and we will scrap your vehicle and recycle it in an environmentally friendly way.  We are a leading Scrap My Car service covering Colchester, Essex and Suffolk.

Donate it

Assington Autos can turn your old Ford car into cash for charity. We will make a donation to a charity of our choice on your behalf so that when you scrap your vehicle you know you are doing good for a worthy charity.

Assington Autos offers a fast, friendly approach and we will collect your vehicle for free.

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Fords we scrap

  • Ford Model T (1913–1927)
  • Ford Model A (1928–1931)
  • Ford Model B (1932–1935)
  • Ford Model Y (1932–1937)
  • Ford 7Y (1937–1939)
  • Ford V8 (1932–1939)
  • Ford Model C Ten (1935–1937)
  • Ford 7W (1937–1938)
  • Ford Anglia (1939–1967)
  • Ford Prefect (1939–1961)
  • Ford V8 Pilot (1947–1951)
  • Ford Consul (1950–1962)
  • Ford Zephyr (1951–1972)
  • Ford Zodiac (1954–1972)
  • Ford Popular (1953–1962)
  • Ford Escort/Squire (1955–1961)
  • Ford Consul Classic (1961–1963)
  • Ford Consul Capri (1961–1964)
  • Ford Cortina (1962–1982)
  • Ford Corsair (1963–1970)
  • Ford Escort (1968–2000)
  • Ford Capri (1969–1986)
  • Ford Granada (1972–1994)
  • Ford Fiesta (1976–present)
  • Ford Focus (1998–present)
  • Ford Sierra (1982–1994)
  • Ford Mondeo (1992–present)
  • Ford Puma (1997–2002)
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