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If the dealer says they’ll pay you in cash it’s a sure sign they are dodgy. Under the Scrap Metal Dealers Act, introduced October 2014 to combat metal theft, particularly copper from railway lines, it is illegal for anyone to pay cash for scrap cars.

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Can You Scrap Your Car for Cash?

Due to wear and tear or the appearance of sudden defects, even the most carefully maintained cars eventually reach the end of their service lives. In the end, it is time to consider how to dispose safely and conveniently of what could have been one’s motoring pride and joy or, at least, a reliable means of transport. Nonetheless, the pragmatic decision to scrap a vehicle means taking it off the road when it is beyond economic repair – and before it becomes unroadworthy, dangerous or simply too expensive to run.

Of course, scrapping is not only for damaged accident vehicles, MOT failures or mechanical breakdowns. Sometimes, owners might decide to dispose of an old car or van to make more parking space available or to upgrade to a more fuel-efficient model, for instance. Read on to discover more about how to dispose of an old vehicle safely for its scrap value.

Scrapping Your Car for its Cash Value

Until quite recently, scrapping a car used to cost money in some areas of the country. Nowadays, however, the increase in recycling has boosted the demand for scrap metal. Except for occasional fluctuations, it is usually possible to sell an end-of-life vehicle for a reasonable sum of money.

Disposing of old vehicles safely through official dealers also minimises pollution and, consequently, the environmental impact of motoring. Significantly, thanks to the latest recycling regulations and best industry practices, it is now possible for Authorised Treatment Facilities (ATFs) to reclaim up to 95 per cent of the raw materials. Thus, by recycling your car and receiving a fair price, you will be helping to reduce the consumption of the earth’s natural resources.

Achieving the Best Price

Naturally, almost all car owners want to get the best scrap price for their disused old cars. Logically, however, prices for scrap metal depend on current market conditions; daily rates vary in line with supply and demand. Nevertheless, scrapping a car for its cash value is probably still the best and most convenient option for the majority of motorists.

Although breaking up a car to sell its components parts may eventually achieve slightly more in total sale value, such a complicated process can be very time-consuming. It also requires a good level of mechanical knowledge, along with the right tools, equipment and storage space.

Additionally, licensed ATFs are the only establishments that can issue legal Certificates of Destruction in accordance with the Scrap Metal Dealers’ Act (2013). The measures in the 2013 Act aimed to combat theft and improve transparency. Notably, under the new law, payments for scrap cars are not now in cash, but digitally through bank account transfers or debit cards.

After receiving the agreed sum in settlement for your scrap car, you can rest assured that the ATF will issue a destruction certificate and take care of the paperwork correctly with the DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) in Swansea. Beware, though: some motorists have fallen victim to unscrupulous or poorly organised dealers and as a result, the vehicle sale or disposal paperwork is incomplete. Months later, these unfortunate ex-owners have received letters with fines for speeding and parking offences. To avoid such problems, it is essential to deal with a registered and reputable facility.

Getting Ready for Collection

Before the collection appointment, do remember to check through the scrap car or van and retrieve personal possessions from the door pockets, under the seats and inside the glove box and boot. To facilitate the collection and to tow it away, the parked vehicle ought to be in an area that is wide enough for proper access.

Completing the Documentation

After collection, you should sign and send part of the completed documentation to the DVLA. Typically, a certificate of destruction for the scrapped car arrives by post within seven days. In contrast, if dealers dismantle a car for spare parts, they do not issue a destruction document.

Finally, you should notify your motor insurance company. Depending on the policy conditions, it may be possible to obtain a refund of part of the premium for the current year.

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