Scrap My Car Colchester

At Assington Autos we offer a Scrap My Car service to residents of Colchester Suffolk and all of Essex.

Scrapping your car is easy and straight forward with our online quotation, great prices and collection service. We have an Authorised Treatment Facility that is fully licensed by the Environment Agency making it completely legal for you to scrap your car.

Be careful because if you use a service to scrap your car in Colchester or Essex which is not legal you could face fines up to £1000.

It is your car and your responsibility to ensure it is scraped by an authorised company so do not always be lured in by high offers on your car as it could cost you in the end.

You will need the following when scrapping your car:

  • The vehicle logbook (V5C) – This tells us that the car belongs to you and you have the right to sell or scrap your vehicle.
  • A Certificate of Destruction (CoD) will then be sent to you in the post and you should receive this within a few weeks. Keep hold of this as it is your proof that you have had the vehicle recycled.

We are the best local Scrap My Car service to Colchester and our website is incredibly easy to use. Visit our homepage and complete your reg and telephone number, you will then get an instant quote from one of our experts. If you wish complete the more details page we can be more precise in giving you an exact quotation on the worth of your vehicle for scrap.

We break all makes and models of cars and pride ourselves in our professional and reliable service.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact Assington Autos as we are always happy to help.

You can always call us on 01787 210 519