If you live in one of London’s 32 boroughs and need an incentive to scrap your old vehicle, the Mayor of London’s motor scrappage schemes may be of use to you. 

In order to encourage people to scrap old cars, vans and heavy vehicles, the government is offering a series of schemes that provide grants to those who own older, less efficient vehicles. Stemming from the expansion of the ULEZ, the schemes aim to provide an incentive to scrap old, heavily polluting vehicles and to replace them with more environmentally friendly alternatives. 

The widespread expansion of London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) in October 2021 is estimated to impact more than 2.5million cars across the city. The proposed expansion will engulf much of the area between the North and South Circular Roads and will dramatically increase the number of charges incurred per motor vehicle. 

Whilst this expansion aims to decrease the city’s carbon footprint and represents substantial efforts towards environmental sustainability, the change has also been widely criticised for its social implications. It is most likely that London’s poorer communities will be charged the most as a result of the ULEZ expansion. Those with older, less efficient vehicles will incur a financial penalty while those who can afford newer, low emission vehicles are able to travel around the city free of charge. 

In response to criticism the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has implemented a selection of scrappage schemes that offer an incentive to scrapping older, less efficient motor vehicles in a bid to lower the city’s emission standards. Such scrappage grants range from between £1000-2000 per cars or motorcycles, £7000-9000 for vans and £15,000 for heavy vehicles. 

These schemes are open to any inhabitants of London’s 32 boroughs or the City of London who receive specific means-tested or non-means-tested disability benefits. Eligibility tests and checklists of applicable benefits can be found on Transport for London’s website. Head to TFL’s website for general inquiries, eligibility tests and information on how to make an application. 

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