It has been estimated that the UK scraps over one million used vehicles every year, but what really happens to our cars after we’re finished with them? In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the car scrappage process and offer a little insight into the auto recycling industry.

Travel to an ATF

If you’ve opted for a service that will collect your car, their first step will be to take your retired vehicle to an ATF. Standing for Authorised Treatment Facilities, an ATF needs to have approval from the government’s Environment Agency that requires sealed drainage systems and concrete surfaces. 

Removal of Polluting Components

Although it has been estimated that most cars are 75% metal, there are several other hazardous materials that need to be removed. Polluting components may include the potentially explosive airbags and seat belts, the battery (that contains acid), traces of flammable fuel, pyrotechnic charges and other polluting substances are removed before they have the opportunity to seep into the water system or surrounding soil. 

Removal of Recyclable Components 

The vehicle’s tyres (and other recyclable or specialist materials) are then removed from the structure. This may include glass from the windows and windscreen but also the wiring harnesses and heater core. 

Crushing the Vehicle 

After concluding the removal and depollution process, the shell of the vehicle is then ready to be crushed and made easy for transportation. This is usually flattened into a smaller cube shape and then put through an industrial shredding machine. 

It is thought that steel recycling metal uses around 75% less energy than in its production whilst the industry alone has been estimated to save enough energy to facilitate a year’s worth of power for over 18 million UK households. 

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Assington Autos are registered with the Environment Agency and Green Car Depollution. Due to the ban on paying for scrap with cash, they have joined the Bread4Scrap scheme that allows us to pay for your scrapped vehicle with a prepaid mastercard. They are a customer-oriented, friendly and efficient 24-hour service. With free vehicle collection and experienced staff, Assington Autos pay the best price for scrap cars.

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