How much is a scrap car worth?

We calculate the value of your scrap vehicle using a vehicle database. This gives us the most accurate valuation of your vehicle based on a number of factors. One simple factor, the heavier the car the more it’s worth, but some makes and models as you can imagine are worth more due to the spare parts market.

At the moment with COVID-19 we are in volatile times with metal prices fluctuation alongside demand for raw materials, so you may find prices are not as high as they might have been but prices are recovering fast.

Cars are made of steel and aluminium mostly which has good scrap value, some cars with alloy wheels will fetch a little more due to the raw material and spare parts market. Generally the prices for scrap cars will vary month on month and we update the prices we offer are updated regularly sometimes weekly.

It is possible for a scrap yard to lose money on vehicles that have been purchased if prices fluctuate too much.

Though we still haven’t picked up to pre-lockdown prices, June has brought us closer. In June, scrap car prices climbed 10% higher than those in May and June’s prices were just 9% lower than those this time last year.

See how much your car is worth as scrap.

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