Are You Getting the Best Scrap Price for Your Car?

Scrapping your car is often the last resort for car owners. You may take this decision as you can’t afford to run your car or you can’t afford to fix it due to a fault. So, to get back on the road you decide to scrap your car. But, when you do, you naturally want the best scrap car price.

If you want to find out the best price we can offer use our scrap car calculator here below.

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Factors Influencing Scrap Prices

There are several factors that influence scrap pricing:

  • Market Demand: The ebb and flow of scrap metal demand profoundly impacts car scrap prices, mirroring broader economic trends and industrial demands.
  • Current Metal Prices: The dynamic nature of metal prices, influenced by global market dynamics, directly affects the value of scrap cars.
  • Weight and Size of the Vehicle: Heavier and larger vehicles typically yield higher scrap values due to their increased metal content.
  • Assessment of Vehicle Condition: The condition of a vehicle, including its mechanical integrity and external damage, plays a pivotal role in determining its scrap value.
  • Geographic Location and Accessibility: Proximity to scrap yards and transportation logistics influence the ease of selling a car for scrap and may affect pricing.

What Price Will You Get For A Scrap Car?

We offer a wide range of scrap car prices depending on the above-mentioned factors. However, in general, you should get between £100 to £350 for your scrap car.

Use our vehicle lookup tool to get an instant quote for your vehicle.

How To Get Maximum Value When Scrapping Your Car

In order to get maximum value when scrapping your car you need to identify a reputable scrap dealer. All genuine scrap dealers are authorised treatment facilities and will not pay cash for your scrap car. If you don’t use an authorised centre your vehicle could be used again without your knowledge and linked back to you.

Check your vehicle fully before it is scrapped to remove any personal belongings that may be hidden under seats.

Alternatives to Scraping Your Car

There are alternatives to scrapping your car at a scrap merchant:

  • Selling individual parts separately
  • Donating your car to charitable organisations
  • Repurposing or recycling car components

Can You Sell Your Car For Parts?

Yes, you can sell your car for parts. However, if it has been written off you will have to sell it to an authorised treatment authorised (ATF).

Selling a car for parts might make you more money, but it does take time to sell the parts and break down your car. You may even require specialist tools to remove the parts but buyers may be flipping cars and require parts to fully fix issues.

So, if you want to make more money than the price a scrap merchant gives you then you are within your rights as the car owner.

How To Donate Your Car

Donating a car to charity benefits a charitable organisation. Simply, contact us about scrapping your car as a donation and we can take it from there!

We would remove any admin fees before donating your car and ensure the process is transparent. It is something we are passionate about at Assignton Autos and enjoy helping out our local community through charitable activities.

Repurposing Your Car

Creative repurposing or recycling of car parts promotes sustainability and reduces waste. Some people use the engine for a coffee table, carburettor lamps or gears for clocks.

You can send off your car parts to specialist craftspeople, or attempt it yourself before selling it on Etsy or eBay.

Scrap Your Car With Assington Autos

When your car stops working it can be a stressful experience. If you need to get back on the road as soon as possible, scrapping your car quickly and for the best price is a priority.

At Assington Autos we have over 20 years of experience scrapping cars in Suffolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire. We are an authorised treatment facility and every time we scrap a car you will receive a certificate of destruction.

If you want to scrap your car with the best prices paid get in touch.