It is difficult to find an industry unaffected by COVID-19. The recent pandemic, its escalation and widespread impacts have occupied much of the world’s press for well over a year.

It thus seems unsurprising that the UK’s car scrapping and recycling enterprises encountered dramatic, industry-wide changes throughout 2020 and early 2021. As prices of scrap metal have dropped significantly during the lockdown, many car manufacturers have been indirectly impacted. 

With manufacturers and enterprises depending on scrap metal to produce new models, the process of scrapping old cars, vans and heavy vehicles has long been considered a vital component of a symbiotic supply chain that leads to new products. 

The drop in scrap metal prices can be attributed to a variety of pandemic-related factors. The closure of ongoing construction projects alongside delays in shipments and travel fixtures have decreased the demand for scrap metal. 

Furthermore, companies have been forced to furlough staff, reduce output and work well below their bottom lines which has also contributed to a drop in scrap metal prices over lockdown. In turn, people wanting to sell old vehicles as scrap metal are left with little incentive to complete the process. 

The closure of all non-essential retail outlets can be further held responsible for the decrease in car scrappage over the pandemic. As the majority of cars sold for scrap metal are replaced by newer vehicles, the closure of car retailers have forced potential customers to restrain from scrapping their old vehicle until they are able to purchase a new one. 

The lack of movement during all three national lockdowns is also thought to have contributed to the reduction in car scrapping. As the public was no longer required to travel for work, school or leisure activities, the UK saw a significant decrease in motorised vehicles on the road. This then, in turn, led to a reduction in breakdowns, accidents and, therefore, car scrappage. 

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