Following Assington Autos’ assessment on 7th November 2023 I am delighted to inform you the Charter Panel approved accreditation at GOLD Level. The Carbon Charter is awarded to organisations that are monitoring and reducing their carbon emissions. It is intended to provide public recognition of this vital step to our shared goal of Creating the Greenest County.  The Gold Charter is only awarded to organisations deemed to be exemplifying best practice in terms of demonstrating significant reductions in carbon emissions and championing the environmental agenda.

The Panel was especially impressed with the fact that despite significant growth in your business the fuel usage has remained the same and you have achieved an emissions reduction of 37.2% over the last two years. The Panel also praised your activity in the local community supporting NHS workers, the local fire service, food banks and other local community groups.

The Charter is about continual environmental improvement. The Panel identified the following recommendations as priority actions to investigate:

  • Reduce your emissions by minimum 10% over the next two years (5% per year), prioritising your diesel usage, which makes up 98% of your total emissions.
  • Consider using a recognised environmental management system (e.g., ISO 14001), to standardize your recordkeeping and improve the monitoring of your car parts, recycled metals, salvaged fuels, hazardous materials, and energy and fuel usage, along with the associated emissions.
  • Swap your standard electricity tariff to a 100% renewable tariff.
  • Use your Charter membership, social media channels, website, and blog to champion your emissions reductions to your customers, suppliers, and other businesses.
  • Accelerate the electrification of your vehicles and equipment, where/when possible.
  • Continue with your plans to install solar PV and consider EV chargers/static battery storage onsite.
  • Continue with your increasing biodiversity efforts.

For more information visit the website at which a range of guides on environmental topics.