We all know about the effects of leaving items in our vehicles during the hot summer months, but do you know the effects of the colder winter months?

Although it is convenient to keep essential items in your car, cold weather can cause a great deal of damage.

Mark Barclay from GSF Car Parts said: “As the weather gets colder, we should be mindful of what not to leave in our cars. Electronic devices such as phones and laptops should be brought inside, as should instruments and any pressurised items like aerosols and tinned goods.” 

Barclay also flagged the importance of taking a ‘winter car kit’ with you when driving in freezing conditions. This could include an external battery charger for your phone (safe to store in a moving vehicle), an ice scraper and a de-icer. 

By taking these simple measures, you can enjoy safer drives on the roads this winter. 

GSF Car Parts compiled the following list to warn against the risks of leaving certain items in your vehicle during the cold seasons. 

Electronic equipment

Most people have experienced their phones overheating during the hot summer months. However, beware, the cold weather also affects electronic devices. If phones, laptops, tablets get too cold, they may stop working correctly, have battery problems or shut down. This is because most electronic equipment works best within the temperature range of 0-35 degrees celsius. To avoid risking these issues, never leave electronic equipment in the car!


If you take medication regularly, be careful not to leave it inside your car when the weather gets colder. Although most medications won’t harm you if left below freezing, it can be hard to tell if they are working as intended. 

Aerosol products

Cold temperatures can seriously affect aerosol products. For example, if products such as deodorant and hairspray get too cold, they can explode. So, avoid storing these items in the car and ensure to keep them inside at room temperature. 

Wooden musical instruments

Cold temperatures can strongly affect instruments, particularly those made of wood; when it’s cold, the wood narrows, causing instruments such as violins and guitars to become out of tune. Leaving these instruments in your car during the winter months can cause costly and permanent damage; the cold temperature can even cause cracks in the wood. 

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