Dubai’s Abandoned Performance Cars

Every year Dubai sees a number of high end performance and luxury vehicles being left at airports, rotting in car parks and sitting in scrap yards. Dubai has a surplus of abandoned luxury cars and such an epidemic it became headline news around the globe.  It seems hard to believe cars like this just get left by the roadside and has created a fair bit of anger on social media. Many people think that the reason these cars are just left is because the super rich simply don’t care and are completely numb to the value of the vehicles. 

The truth however is that Dubai has faced a financial struggle alongside oil prices crashing to an all time low. Many of these cars belong to expats who travelled to Dubai in search of a high flying life style. people haven’t just abandoned their car they have abandoned their whole life after finding themselves bankrupt defaulting on loans fleeing to avoid prison. Sharia law has some quite strict laws and non-payment of debt is a criminal offence not a civil offence. There is no protection for people who fall on hard times. Prisons throughout the UAE are notoriously tough so it is no wonder people flee and leave their cars at the airport.  There are even stories of people being blacklisted for missing one credit card payment and facing jail time. 

Of course it isn’t just expats struggling to cope, hard times and bad debt can happen to anyone. the only good thing to come out of this is if you are lucky you can pick up an incredible deal on supercars and luxury vehicles. Cars are auctioned automatically 15 days after being impounded. 

Watch this video to view abandoned and damaged supercars in Dubai