If you own an old car then you could be in for a new charge for driving your old vehicle in London

Recently, there has been introduced a “T-Charge,” which is a daily charge of £10 for car owners who enter the centre of London in cars that have high emissions.

The toxicity charge know as for “T-Charge,” will apply to cars that:

  • Use diesel
  • Fail to meet European emissions standards adopted in 2006

With London already facing the congestion charge you can see why it is going to be advantageous to live in other locations like Colchester, Suffolk and Essex. It is also giving extra incentive to scrap your old car and upgrade to a new model.

There are in the region of 34,000 car owners who do not meet the new emissions standards, that’s a lot of cars that may need to consider a scrap my car service.

The new charge is housed under the “clean up our environment” task force, who believe that scrapping old cars will reduce pollution and will lead to car owners driving more efficient cars, however this will come at a cost.

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