Can I scrap my car without a log book VC5


Can I scrap my car without a log book VC5?

You have decided to scrap your old car and realise after searching high and low that you have lost your log book. All too common log books are misplaced, and with threats of fines from the DVLA for mishandling change of ownership and SORN of a vehicle. Let the scrap merchants  / (ATF ) know right from the start you have no log book they will be able to give you advice on what to do.

The Good News

The good news is you do not need a V5C do scrap your car however it is a little more difficult to scrap your vehicle without one. You can always apply for a new one if you would rather. A new document can be obtained from the DVLA for around £25.00. If you still wish to proceed without one there are some things you should know before scrapping your car without a V5C / Log book.

Firstly make sure you scrap your vehicle with an authorised treatment facility (ATF). It is illegal to scrap your vehicle through an unauthorised scrap merchant or individual and you could be liable for some quite serious fines. When you scrap your car with an ATF you will receive a certificate of destruction. Certificates of destruction are usually sent out within 7 days. Payment is always made via bank transfer or cheque and NEVER in cash. Do not ever pay or be paid in cash, this is also illegal in England & Wales

If your vehicle is not road worthy eg: no insurance, no MOT or a SORN vehicle you must not drive to the Scrap Yard you will need to arrange collection.

Once your car is scrapped and you have your certificates of destruction you can then notify the DVLA informing them of the sale to the scrap yard. Normally this is done online when you have a V5C but if you do not have your log book you will need to write to the DVLA with the following information.

  • Vehicle Registration
  • Make
  • Model
  • Name and address of scrap yard

Make sure all of the details requested are provided or your notice will not be accepted. Letters are sent to the following address and provided it is all done correctly that is all you will need to do.

SA99 1BD