Whether you have purchased a new car or a second-hand one, make sure you know how to extend your car life with this guide. Follow these tips so you can get back the most money possible when you sell or scrap your car. At Assington Autos we know a car is an investment. We also know that it’s helpful to get your money back when you can.

Only make necessary journeys

By making journey’s through other means you can keep the mileage on your car low. In addition to this constantly making short journeys is known to degrade your muffler faster than making longer ones. Car longevity will always be centred around the daily wear and tear the vehicle is put through, 

Fluid changes that extend car life

To keep your car ticking over you should be constantly checking your fluids. These include:

  • Antifreeze 
  • Brake fluid 
  • Oil 
  • Power steering fluid 
  • Transmission fluid 

Antifreeze should also have the colour of the liquid checked. When your antifreeze is brown it means there is either rust or dirt in the fluid. This severely impacts how the antifreeze can regulate the temperature of your engine. Leave it long enough and it will destroy your engine the most valuable internal component of your car. 

With your oil, it should be an amber colour and goes brown when it is old. Your oil shouldn’t be white as this is a sign of contamination. In unlikely circumstances, it changes colour due to lots of condensation. Make sure to get your oil changed either way.

Transmission fluid will be a clear transparent red. If it is brown or black we recommend a fluid change or flush. If it is pink you will likely need to replace the transmission.

Change the oil frequently

Despite this coming under the previous heading, it’s the most important. You will want to change the oil every three to six months or for every 3 to 5 thousand miles. This lets your engine work efficiently when it’s well lubricated. An efficient engine will always improve your fuel economy. When you change oil consider also changing the filter. A dirty filter will cause the clean oil to get contaminated faster.

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Check your brake pads to increase car longevity 

You must make sure your pads are never worn down to the metal component. It will damage your brake discs and sometimes even the brake calipers. By keeping the pads are in good condition you prevent having to replace more expensive components. 

Wash your car 

This is perhaps the easiest way of keeping your car in good condition. Road salt, dirt and sand can all cause long term damage if left to set. A clean and dry car will save you from having to repair your body. In extreme circumstances, the parts below can get eroded. When severely damaged parts like your brake lines will end up needing to be fully replaced which is very costly. By washing your car every two weeks you can eliminate the risk of rust damage.

Keep your tyres well inflated 

Tyres that are inflated properly can last much longer. Additionally, the tyre acts as a line of defence to protect the wheel without it you may end up replacing the whole thing.

Extend car life by reading the owner’s manual 

Each car may host a specific set of features. You must know what the manufacturers recommend when it comes to increasing the life of a car. 

When you’ve done your best to extend the life of your car

So you’ve done everything, but your car won’t start. Be aware that no matter how good your car maintenance is eventually your car will no longer work. You can only increase car longevity to a certain extent. Modern cars are meant to last 150,000 miles but can last double that. However, at some point, the car comes to the end of its life expectancy. If you find that the car is costing you more to fix than you are happy with spending it consider scrapping it. 

Scrapping a car gives you money for your next car and at Assington Autos we can get you the best price paid on your vehicle. Call us on 01787 210519 or email us at scrapmycar@assingtonautos.co.uk for our expert advice. We can collect your dead car and get you some money back for your old car fast and securely.