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When will petrol and diesel cars be banned?

To target Zero emissions in the UK it is thought the date has now been brought forward to 2035, five years earlier than previously thought. Banning new petrol and diesel cars won't be enough on its own but will go a long way to improving and…

6 useful things to always keep in your car

Important Paperwork The perfect place to keep your vehicles paperwork is in the glovebox of your car. We all know how frustrating it can be to search the home for your V5C or insurance documents so why not keep it in your vehicle so you know…

Scrap Car Prices Continue to Rise in September

Scrap Car Prices Continue to Rise in September Some good news during these hard times. Prices in scrap metal due to a reduce in demand during the COVID-19 outbreak fell quite dramatically. The automotive and commodity markets took a hard hit…
Scrap Cars

UK Scrappage Plan 2020

The UK Government seem to be backing off of a plan to launch a new vehicle scrappage scheme that was set to boost sales and stimulate the UK Car Industry and Economy. The scheme announced in June 2020 would have offered incentives to switch…

Dubai’s Abandoned Performance Cars

Dubai’s Abandoned Performance Cars Every year Dubai sees a number of high end performance and luxury vehicles being left at airports, rotting in car parks and sitting in scrap yards. Dubai has a surplus of abandoned luxury cars and such an…
Scrap Cars
Scrap Cars
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Can I scrap a car for cash?

Is it possible to scrap a car for cash? Currently, it is illegal to scrap your car for cash. This is done as a preventative measure against car theft. If you find yourself dealing with a scrapping company that states you can scrap a car for…

What Are Scrap Car Batteries Worth

What To Do With Old Car Batteries In short, old car batteries are worth about £5. You might be surprised to find out that your car battery is only worth a fraction of the price it was worth when it was purchased new. This is because with…

What is an ATF Authorised Treatment Facility

What is an (ATF) Authorised Treatment Facility? Assington Autos is an Authorised Treatment Facility When scrapping your vehicle you will see or hear this term often but what is it and what does it mean? As stated above an ATF is an authorised…