At Assington Autos we do everything we can to help our local community. 

In the case of a Christmas money-raising event in Leavenheath, we loaned a lorry and a driver to help the community, despite the freezing cold weather!

lorry driver

The image is not representative of the loaned lorry

Assignton to Leavenheath

Community is important to us and being based in a small village in Suffolk we understand the amazing people who live in Assington, so when another village got in touch we were happy to help.

Leavenheath is just over a mile away from our scrap yard. The event was organised as a sleigh run to raise some money for the community, but they needed a lorry and driver. 

We arranged for Andy to head over there on the day to help with the event.

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Sleigh Run Event

The day of the event brought freezing cold weather, but the people of Leavenheath contributed to a fantastic turnout. 

In particular, the children of Leavenheath loved the sleigh run, with the rest of the residents commenting on how well run the event was. 

The total amount of money raised was £608, and a few weeks after Christmas we received a very kind letter from the event organiser:

“May we take this opportunity to thank you and all involved at Assignton Autos for the loan and use of your vehicle for our sleigh run.

“Alongside the sleigh, Reindeer, lights and tree it contributed to a wonderful display immensely enjoyed by the residents, and most of all, children of Leavenheath.

“We have received overwhelming praise and support for the venture from villagers and the £608 raised is testament to that, considering the icy cold conditions.

“The scout group will benefit from your kindness, and as an important organisation for our younger residents, will help them move forward.

“May we take time to particularly mention Andy, your driver.

“His help, cooperation and patience throughout the day was exemplary and did not go unnoticed by us all drawing many complimentary comments.

“Please pass our thanks on to him.”

It was a pleasure to help the people of Leavenheath and if they ever need assistance in the future, Assington Autos will be there!

Car Scrappage and Scrap Metal Services in Suffolk

Assington Autos has been operating in Suffolk for over 8 years and enjoy working with our local community. 

We provide car scrappage and scrap metal services across Suffolk. From our most local town, Sudbury all the way up to, Haverhill, Bury St Edmunds and across to Ipswich!

If you need to scrap your car, or sell scrap metal in Suffolk then Assington Autos can help.