On Thursday 9th May, our Operations and Communications Manager, Daniel Collins attended a Net Zero Group meeting. 

The 2-hour event was held online to better help businesses understand how to achieve their net zero goals. As Assington Autos has targeted 2040 to achieve Net Zero across the company it was an important event to attend.

Assington Autos Attend Net Zero Group Meeting – May 2024

Key Speakers at the Meeting

The meeting consisted of three presentations:

  • Suffolk Wildlife Trust - How Nature Helps Businesses Achieve Climate Goals
  • Suffolk County Council - Suffolk’s Journey to Net Zero 
  • Radical Waste - A Case Study from the Winner of the Creating the Greenest County Awards 2024

Each presentation was an interesting insight into how we can all contribute to making Suffolk the greenest county in the UK. 


From Suffolk Wildlife Trust, we learned how nature is integral to any carbon offsetting project. At Assington Autos we already plant trees on unused land on our property to assist nature building in Suffolk. Nature-based solutions play a central role in fighting climate change, one which every business in Suffolk should work towards. 

From Suffolk County Council, we discovered the impact of environmental activities by businesses in Suffolk. It helped us understand that reaching net zero is a group effort and it can be achieved by speaking to others, and encouraging them to set their own goals. Part of our Net Zero pledge is to advocate other local businesses to set carbon footprint targets and create Environmental Policies for their organisations. 

Finally, from Radical Waste we saw the path it takes to improve processes and take advantage of innovation and technology to work towards climate goals. At Assington Autos we have taken steps to reduce our carbon footprint by investing in tools and recycling every part of every vehicle we scrap. But we are always learning from others on how to better approach our targets. 

What Are Assington’s Plans?

Assington Autos has set a goal of Net Zero by 2040. This means we need to build on our already admirable 37% reduction in carbon emissions (noted in our Gold Carbon Charter Award comments). It is a passion for our CEO, Frederick Cook, and everyone at Assingtons to work together to achieve this goal for the future of our county. 

We are using our time with the council to push for more sources of hydrogen energy as the hydrogen automotive industry develops. This is of particular interest to Daniel, who took part in those discussions at the end of the meeting and the council will investigate pushing hydrogen as a fuel source in Suffolk. 

As a scrap yard in Sudbury, we recycle and reuse 99% of the vehicles we scrap. Whether that is selling second-hand parts or sending materials to be recycled responsibly, we look to reduce our carbon footprint at every turn.