Important Paperwork

The perfect place to keep your vehicles paperwork is in the glovebox of your car. We all know how frustrating it can be to search the home for your V5C or insurance documents so why not keep it in your vehicle so you know where everything is. If you are ever stopped by the police it is always good to have these documents to hand.

We recommend having the following paperwork to hand in your vehicle.

  • V5C Registration Document
  • Proof of insurance proof of tax
  • Owners Manual
  • MOT Reports / Certificates

A Torch

Always carry a torch, you never know when you ma need it. If you break down you may need one to look under the bonnet of your car, find those dropped keys, flag someone down after breaking down or finding your way home after leaving the car at the local pub. Always always keep a torch in your car.

A First Aid Kit

We all know we should, but how many of us keep a first aid kit in the car. From trips to the beach with the kids or first aid at the roadside your first aid kit is an essential item to keep in your car. Make sure everything in the kit is checked now and then for expiry dates.

Pen & Paper

If you have a car accident having a traditional pen and paper can come in handy. yes we have our phones but pen and paper don’t need recharging. Also handy for leaving notes on car windshield for people who have parked in disabled bays without a badge :)

Cleaning Wipes & Sanitiser

Especially for parents or pet owners having wipes in the car is essential, also sanitiser after you return from shops or peoples homes to sanitise your hands while COVID-19 is an issue is an essential item.

Spare Masks / Gloves

With COVID-19 we recommend keeping a stash of disposable masks in your car and a pair of gloves ( for handling petrol pumps ) The amount of times we get into the car only to realise we have forgotten our mask and have to head back home to get one. keep some in the car.