5 Signs It Is Time To Scrap Your Old Car

No car lasts forever. Even if you take fantastic care of your vehicle, a time will come when you need to dispose of it. However, knowing when to scrap your car can be difficult.

Whilst you may not be ready to ditch your vehicle just yet, the following 5 signs indicate it is the right time.


Is your car sitting unused in your driveway? A surprising number of us own vehicles that go nowhere; for some, cars become redundant when their kids leave home; for others, moving to an area with good transport links reduces the need for a vehicle.

Unused car’s take up driveway space, and if you are taxing, testing and insuring them, they cost you a significant amount of money.

Choosing to scrap your car will free your driveway and give you some cash to pocket.

Growing family

If your family is growing, you may need to purchase a larger vehicle to fit baby seats, baggage and dogs.

It is also important to consider safety ratings. An older car may not have a high enough safety rating for your family. Look for a vehicle with an excellent safety rating to ensure your loved ones are protected.

Repair costs are too high.

Cars decay and wear down over time. They are expensive to keep in working condition and as your vehicle ages, the cost of up-keep increases.

If the cost of keeping your car outweighs its worth; you are at an auto repair shop every month and repair bills are too high, it might be time to scrap your old car.

Choosing to scrap your car with a reputable, government-approved company such as Assington Autos ensures the price you receive will be fair. In addition, they will dispose of your vehicle in an environmentally friendly manner. You can even use the cash from your scrap car to buy a new vehicle.

Can’t be sold

The amount of cars available to buy can make it challenging to get a reasonable price for your vehicle. In addition, finding a buyer is difficult if your vehicle is not in great condition.

If you have tried selling your vehicle on social media pages, websites, newspapers and notice boards and had little luck, then a car scrapping service may be the best option. You will be surprised at how much a scrap car is worth.

Unsafe to drive

If your vehicle is old, it may be unsafe to drive. Old cars are often prone to breaking down, particularly on long journeys: rusting engines can make it difficult for your vehicle to be on for an extended period. If your car is no longer usable or you are worried about driving long distances out of fear of breaking down, it may be time to scrap your vehicle.

Your vehicle may also be unsafe to drive if it’s written off in an accident. If the cost of repairing your car is too much, car scrapping is a great option.

If your car is unsafe to drive, keep it off the road to protect yourself and other drivers. Regardless of the condition, car scrapping companies will swap your car for cash.

Assington Autos offers expert 24 hour scrap car and scrap van collection and recycling service across Suffolk and Essex. We pay the best price for scrap and are fully trained and certified with the environment agency.

If you need to scrap your car, contact Assington Autos here to get a free quote.