4 Simple Steps To Scrap Your Car

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STEP 1. Get a quote

Complete the first stage of our form submit, this requires your scrap car registration number and your telephone number. Once submitted you will be provided with an immediate valuation for your scrap vehicle. When you accept this, you will then be required to complete your personal details along with confirming your car details and the price offered for your car. Submit this information to Assington Autos and the process begins.

You will be contacted by one of our customer service team who will then book a convenient time to collect your scrap car. The scrap car will then be transported to our fully licensed scrap yard in colchester.

Step 2. Depollution

Once we have collected your scrap vehicle, it will then be transported to Assington Autos fully licensed Authorised Treatment Facility Site for the depollution (environmentally approved scrap process).

Step 3. Scrapping

After your scrap car has been depolluted it will then be scrapped (this involves crushing the vehicle). Assington Autos will send the DVLA notification electronically and a Certificate of Destruction will be produced.

Step 4. Certificate of Destruction

You shall receive a copy of your scrap cars Certificate of Destruction by and receive a letter from the DVLA within 6 weeks. This is your confirmation that your vehicle has been scrapped and that the car has been de-registered.

Contact Assington Autos to discuss your scrap my car needs on 01787 210519 or email info@assingtonautos.co.uk

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